Sustainable New Years Resolutions

By Willow Alexander

As the New Year approaches, many people try to make resolutions to improve their lives and the world around them. While there are many kinds of resolutions you can make, one area that is particularly important to consider, for our futures and the future of our planet, is ways in which we can be more sustainable. Sustainability resolutions can be anything that aim to have a positive impact on the environment, society, and economy, but should also be achievable. Here are some ideas for easy sustainable New Year’s resolutions that you can consider.


Start Composting

Composting is a great way to start your sustainability journey. It is an eco-friendly way of managing our waste by reducing what we send to landfill, and making use out of our rubbish. You can also use compost to create a natural fertilizer for your garden or plants.


Reduce Single Use

Single use plastic is everywhere, from packaging on our groceries to your morning coffee “on the go”, but there are easy steps we can take in 2023 to reduce our use of these harmful plastics. Try to invest in, a reusable takeaway cup, a water bottle, and cutlery, as well as a reusable shopping bag.


Grown Your Own Food

Either from seeds or scrap, growing your own food is so much easier than you might think. Start with something simple, like herbs from seeds or propagate from the lettuce sitting in the back of your fridge. This year will be the year you eat your own harvest, whatever it may be!


Watch your Water Consumption

Turning off the tap when brushing your teeth and shortening your showers by a couple of minutes soon adds up! In 2023 try to be more aware of how much water you’re using, and how you can reduce this.


Try Refillable

Make 2023 the year you commit to a refillable subscription. Not only is this better for the environment, if you have it posted to your door its more convenient too! Try anything from shampoos and conditioners to toilet roll and cleaning supplies


Learn to Repair, Instead of Replace

Ever gotten rid of an item of clothing because of a lost button or small hole? Learn to repair your clothes instead of replacing them this year. Giving things a longer life, rather than buying something new is much better for the environment, and your savings!


Minimise Food Waste

The easiest way to start is by reducing your food waste is by being mindful of what you’re buying and eating. Plan your meals ahead of time so you know what ingredients you need to buy, and always check expiration dates on perishable foods before purchasing them. Keep leftovers for another day, or freeze them for later use and consider donating any unopened, unexpired perishable foods that you won’t be able to eat before they expire


Reduce Vampire Power

Are you guilty of sleeping your appliances, forgetting to turn lights off when you leave a room, and leaving unused appliances on at the wall? This could not only be contributing to your energy bill significantly, but it will also be increasing your carbon emission. Being a bit more mindful about your energy usage in 2023 is kinder to the planet, and your energy bills.


Buy or Sell Something Pre-Loved

Never given something a second life from a charity shop, boot sale, or online marketplace? Next time you need a new bit of furniture, appliance, clothing or homeware, consider browsing second-hand first. Alternatively, if you have something you don’t need or use anymore, try donating or on-selling it to give it a new lease of life.


Spend Time Outside

Swapping the car for walking or cycling even just one day a week makes a significant impact on personal carbon emissions, as well as being beneficial for your own health and wellbeing! Try swapping your car journeys for walking as much as possible this year to increase your exercise and lower your carbon footprint.

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