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Creating a Kind and Inclusive Workplace: Willow Alexander’s  Approach to Corporate Culture
Willow Alexander is proud to be a carbon-neutral Home + Garden brand that places care at the heart of everything we do. We believe that taking care of our clients, team, and the environment is essential to achieving our goals, and we are committed to making it a central focus of all our actions. While many businesses may be aware of their impact on the world around them, we believe that it's not enough to simply acknowledge it. To truly make a positive impact, we need to act with a conscience and make intentional choices that support a cleaner, greener, and happier planet. Our journey to being different Our passion for climate awareness and sustainability is ingrained in our work culture, and we have been working tirelessly to ensure that our values are reflected in everything we do. Since embarking on our sustainability journey in 2018, we have invested in new technologies and practices to manage our services and take care of our team. Some of the steps we have taken include making our vehicles electric, using battery-powered tools, and implementing a paperless office. These changes have enabled us to become a carbon-positive workforce by 2020 and receive our internationally certified carbon-neutral certificate in 2022. But our work doesn't stop here; we are continually seeking ways to reduce our emissions and be the best possible business for our clients, the planet, and most importantly – our employees. Embedding inclusivity and compassion into our culture Willow Alexander also recognises the importance of creating an inclusive and welcoming workplace for all our staff. We are committed to creating a safe, equal, and kind office environment that is also inclusive of LGBTQ+ and POC individuals. Our flexi hours allow our employees to manage their lives on their terms, as we believe that positivity is...
2022 Eco-Friendly Gift Guide
For the Plant Lover Plantbox Living Wall Every plant fanatics dream; a living wall. These green wall planters not only bring an indoor or outdoor space to life, they also come with an intelligent watering system that makes plant care simple. For the Organiser Willow Alexander Planner These elegant planners are the perfect stocking filler for the methodical person in your life that needs to arrange every hour of their day. For the Coffee Addict Rose Gold Coffee Scoop with Clip We all know a coffee connoisseur! Beautify and streamline their morning brew with this elegant scoop that doubles as a clip to keep your coffee fresh For the Artisan Nutscene Lemongrass and Jojoba Hand Cream   Know someone who spends a lot of time working with their hands? Gift them the TLC they need this Christmas with this beautifully crafted lemongrass and jojoba handcream from Nutscene. Curated with soothing, caring and healing ingredients this hyper-moisturising cream has a luxurious, subtle fragrance, and is presented in a beautiful glass bottle with a pump-action top. For the Green Thumb For Good Home Grown Hero Kit The perfect starter pack to set someone on their journey to Home Grown Hero status. A go-to kit for learning the art of growing your own food sustainably, all packed in an eco-friendly grow bag. For the Master Decorator Shell on Earth Crushed Whelk Shells These recycled crushed whelk shells are the perfect gift for your plant loving friend that likes to go the extra mile with their presentation. Ideal for indoor plant pot and terrarium top dressing, adding an extra layer of elegance and protection for your plants. Perfect as part of a plant-care hamper or a DIY terrarium kit. For the Outdoor Explorer Willow Alexander Countrywear The Willow Alexander countrywear line is the perfect gift...
It’s Time to Ditch the Patio, Sustainable Composite Decking is Here!
We think carefully about everything we do to make sure are projects are always as eco friendly as possible. Environmentally friendly decking is an important step towards making our gardens that little bit kinder to the planet. We work with Envirobuild and their range of sustainably sourced and eco-friendly materials. But are you wondering what really makes sustainable composite decking a superior solution for our outside space? Read ahead to find out more…   Environmentally Friendly Composite decking is made of 90% recycled materials in a factory run on 100% wind energy. This repurposes materials heading for landfill and ensures no trees need to be cut down for its production. As a result, composite boards have up to 68% lower global warming contribution than timber.   Long Lasting Unlike timber, composite decking contains a unique blend of materials that do not rot, wrap or splinter. It is non-slip and built to withstand all kinds of weather. Composite decking is a long-lasting, safer, and more reliable solution than timber.   Low Maintenance Composite decking never needs to be treated or stained, saving you a big maintenance job every 6-12 months. There is a wide variety of designs and colours to choose from, so you can find the perfect aesthetic for your outside space that will last for years and years.   Find out more about our sustainable composite decking design and installation service here.
Benefits of a Garden Maintenance Subscription
There can be many benefits of a professional garden maintanence subscription, from simply saving yourself time, to increasing the curb appeal of your home. Have you been wondering if a garden maintanence service might be right for you? Keep reading to find out 5 benefits of a garden maintanence subscription...   Save Yourself Time Keeping on top of your garden can involve a lot of time, energy and labour every week. It can also be a process that will take a bit of and trial and error if you aren’t already an expert. A professional garden maintenance subscription might be the perfect solution for you if you just can’t spare the extra hours a week yourself.   Ensure Healthy Growth Gardening professionals will be able to bring a wealth of horticulture knowledge that will hugely benefit your outside space. Regular upkeep will ensure plants are growing well, free of pests, diseases and mould and can be treated by your maintenance team immediately if found to stop spread or further damage. Professional gardeners will trim and shape your lawn and hedges at the correct time to ensure optimal growth.   Increase Curb Appeal Potential buyers look at many things when viewing a property, but a well maintained garden can be the difference between a sale or a deal breaker. A neglected outdoor space might tempt a buyer to make a lower offer on the basis that it will cost them to renovate, or possibly even put them off the sale completely. Keeping a well maintained garden can be very beneficial in the future should you ever come to sell your property.   Control Weeds When left to their own devices, weeds can completely take control of a garden, and become quite unmanageable. Certain weeds need careful and regular maintenance to keep...
Willow Alexander Loves…Kabloom
In this series we’re going to introduce you to some of the companies and products that we admire. Maybe because they look great, maybe because they have a novel way of doing things, maybe just because they are a really good idea. But ALL because they’re flying the flag, one way or another, for making our planet a better place! To kick it all off we’re going to share a brilliant gift idea for all ages… Seedboms by Kabloom Kabloom is a Glasgow-based company that has been making Seedboms since the early 2000s. Seedboms are fun grenade-shaped wildflower kits each containing hundreds of seeds. You simply soak them, plant them out in a flower bed, pot or window box and let nature take its course. Each bom creates a colourful dispay (about 30cm square) of native flowers including cornflowers, poppies, borage and forget-me-nots, all of which attract pollinators and insects. In fact, you can choose between Boms for Bees, Butterflies, Bugs, Birds, Foraging (edible) and Meadows or specific flowers and colours. For great gifts there are tie-ins with well-known children’s books as well as customisable wedding favours. Naughty by nature The fact they chose a grenade shape is a part of the message. As founder and CEO Darren Wilson says: “a grenade shape has extremely negative and aggressive connotations. My intention is to re-appropriate the idea, to turn the function on its head and create a positive impact rather than a negative one...we are waging war on wasteland.” Kabloom has a section on its website dedicated to Guerrilla Gardening. Inspiring people to improve areas like wasteland and abandoned tree pits with plant life. This simple act also gets people to pay more attention to the areas around them and think about ways they can make them more beautiful, for themselves...
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