It’s Time to Ditch the Patio, Sustainable Composite Decking is Here!

By Willow Alexander

We think carefully about everything we do to make sure are projects are always as eco friendly as possible. Environmentally friendly decking is an important step towards making our gardens that little bit kinder to the planet. We work with Envirobuild and their range of sustainably sourced and eco-friendly materials. But are you wondering what really makes sustainable composite decking a superior solution for our outside space? Read ahead to find out more…


Environmentally Friendly
Composite decking is made of 90% recycled materials in a factory run on 100% wind energy. This repurposes materials heading for landfill and ensures no trees need to be cut down for its production. As a result, composite boards have up to 68% lower global warming contribution than timber.


Long Lasting
Unlike timber, composite decking contains a unique blend of materials that do not rot, wrap or splinter. It is non-slip and built to withstand all kinds of weather. Composite decking is a long-lasting, safer, and more reliable solution than timber.


Low Maintenance
Composite decking never needs to be treated or stained, saving you a big maintenance job every 6-12 months. There is a wide variety of designs and colours to choose from, so you can find the perfect aesthetic for your outside space that will last for years and years.


Find out more about our sustainable composite decking design and installation service here.

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