How to; Prepare your Garden for Winter

By Willow Alexander

Now that the clocks have changed, Halloween has come and gone, the rain is falling and the temperature has really dropped, there is no denying Winter is well on the way. There is much to be done around the garden to prepare your outside space for the coldest months.

Keep reading for our top garden to-do’s before Winter arrives!


Mulching protects your plants from frost, helps to regulate temperature, and reduces the potential of soil erosion from rainfall. Cover your garden beds in thick organic materials such as wood chippings or Shell on Earths Recycled Whelk Shells to keep your plants warm, happy and healthy over the Winter.


Harvest/Regenerate Compost
Now is the perfect time to collect the compost you’ve been brewing over the past year and make use of it around the garden. This should create room for you to start a new batch with this years waste.


Weeds can quickly take over a garden if left to their own devices. Its best to keep on top of them, and manage them at the beginning of Winter, so you don’t have a larger problem on your hands come Spring. Make sure the weeds are extracted right from the root to prevent them from coming back again and again.


Net Ponds
Fallen and decomposing leaves can block filters and spoil your pond water. Netting any water features in your garden to catch the leaves before they drop in can save you a lot of time and effort later on.


Look After the Wildlife
The insects and animals that reside in your outdoor space are a crucial part of the well-being of your garden, so make sure to take care of them as the weather becomes colder. Keep your bird feeders topped up, and ensure there is a fresh water supply after frosts.


Protect your Plants
Some of your more delicate plants might need a helping hand to withstand the colder weather outside. Different types of plants will require different types of care, so make sure to research the individual needs of each species. You can use horticultural fleece to keep them warm, stakes for support, and consider moving some potted plants inside for extra warmth and shelter.

Alternatively, if you don’t have a few extra hours to spare getting your garden into shape, book our garden tidy service and let our expert team do the hard work for you!

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