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We don’t know about you but we think these are da bomb!
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By Willow Alexander

In this series we’re going to introduce you to some of the companies and products that we admire. Maybe because they look great, maybe because they have a novel way of doing things, maybe just because they are a really good idea. But ALL because they’re flying the flag, one way or another, for making our planet a better place!

To kick it all off we’re going to share a brilliant gift idea for all ages…

Seedboms by Kabloom

Kabloom is a Glasgow-based company that has been making Seedboms since the early 2000s. Seedboms are fun grenade-shaped wildflower kits each containing hundreds of seeds. You simply soak them, plant them out in a flower bed, pot or window box and let nature take its course.

Each bom creates a colourful dispay (about 30cm square) of native flowers including cornflowers, poppies, borage and forget-me-nots, all of which attract pollinators and insects. In fact, you can choose between Boms for Bees, Butterflies, Bugs, Birds, Foraging (edible) and Meadows or specific flowers and colours. For great gifts there are tie-ins with well-known children’s books as well as customisable wedding favours.

Naughty by nature

The fact they chose a grenade shape is a part of the message. As founder and CEO Darren Wilson says:

“a grenade shape has extremely negative and aggressive connotations. My intention is to re-appropriate the idea, to turn the function on its head and create a positive impact rather than a negative one…we are waging war on wasteland.”

Kabloom has a section on its website dedicated to Guerrilla Gardening. Inspiring people to improve areas like wasteland and abandoned tree pits with plant life. This simple act also gets people to pay more attention to the areas around them and think about ways they can make them more beautiful, for themselves and others.

What are their creds?

Kaboom is a Climate Friendly Shop. This means that they’re committed to using their products to increase awareness of our relationship with nature and the environmental crisis. They’ve also created a design that leaves nothing behind. The grenades are made from a bio-based starch and natural fibre mix which is 100% compostable.

Any impact from packaging (biodegradable) and shipping is limited and they compensate for any emissions left over. They also offer the option at checkout for customers to offset the CO2 emissions of their purchase through CO2ok. This money goes to fund offsetting projects with FairClimateFund and Atmosfair.

Why do we love them?

What’s not to love? Kabloom have created a really fun design-led product that carries a powerful message. They’re suitable for any space and can be a fun way of getting kids engaged with gardening and nature – how can you go wrong when your tag line is ‘throw it, grow it’?!

We don’t know about you but we think these are da bomb!

Seedboms are available to buy in the Willow Alexander online store.

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