Why choose eco? Because it’s not too late…yet.

Our plan is to reduce our carbon footprint to net-zero by 2030.
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By Willow Alexander

It’s hard to be a climate denier these days. We can see it all around us – extreme temperatures, freak weather, changes in nature patterns and new species making our home their home (hello stink bugs and Asian hornets…).

Back in 1979, that’s over 40 years ago now, the First Climate Change Conference called on governments ‘to foresee and prevent potential man-made changes in climate’. Fast forward to 2021 and the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued a report stating that humanity is ‘unequivocally’ to blame for rising temperatures.

So what have WE been doing wrong? Well, everything really.

Driving cars and heating our homes using fossil fuels, eating exotic foods that are transported across the world, fuelling the fast fashion economy that promotes a throw-away culture and generally living in a more-is-more world. Industries have responded to support this explosion of consumerism with far reaching consequences, something put into perspective by the same IPCC report:

  • The past decade was likely hotter than any period in the last 125,000 years
  • Combustion and deforestation have raised carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere to their highest point in 2 million years
  • Agriculture and fossil fuels have contributed to methane and nitrous oxide levels higher than any point in at least 800,000 years

Carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide are all Greenhouse Gases at the root of the problem. When released into the atmosphere these gases act like glass in a greenhouse trapping the sun’s heat and stopping it from leaking back into space. The earth begins to get warmer – by 1°C since 1990 – and if we don’t limit this warming to 1.5°C we will hit the ‘point of no return’.

The science is unquestionable and quite frankly terrifying, and yet the most important thing is that the window for climate action hasn’t yet closed.

Most people think the responsibility of solving this problem lies with governments and big companies. After all, the harm they cause with their annual ‘footprint’ is far greater than ours, going about our daily lives and minding our own business. But in reality the responsibility lies with all of us. There is no underestimating people power. The combined effects of millions of us making small, more conscientious decisions about how we live and who we spend our money with has the potential to create positive changes on both sides.

But it can get confusing deciding who to believe.

Sustainability is a buzz-word and there are plenty of companies out there jumping on the bandwagon and claiming that they are green. Did you know that 40% of green claims made online could be misleading? By getting certified and joining the UN’s Carbon Neutral Now Initiative we are practicing what we preach and demonstrating transparently why you can trust us. And we believe so much in what we’re doing that we’ll be expanding our carbon-conscious formula to offer you a greener option across a range of home and garden services over the coming months.

Our plan is to reduce our carbon footprint to net-zero by 2030. Join us to reduce yours and make your contribution to a 1.5 degree future.

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