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3 Ways to Stay Sustainable this Halloween
The most horrifying holiday of all is here! It’s time to dust off the old witch hat and enjoy an evening of terrifying treats, cackling cocktails, horrendously bad horror movies, or whatever scratches that scary itch. While we’re all getting in the spooky spirit, it’s important to remember while Halloween is a lot of fun, it’s still a commercial holiday. This means that every year, millions are spent on sweets, costumes, pumpkins and more, with very little mind paid to the environmental impact of these purchases and where they end up after the fun is done. We’ve put together a couple of ways that you can cut down on the environmental costs of your Halloween shopping and make the most out of anything left over, letting you enjoy your night of frights guilt-free! Reusing your pumpkin A simple walk around your neighbourhood after Halloween will make it clear just how many pumpkins are either swiftly disposed of after the 31st of October, or are simply left out to rot. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Pumpkins are perfect for use in a variety of delicious dishes. Whether you want to brew up a hearty soup made with roasted pumpkin puree or an outstanding autumnal risotto using cubes of cooked pumpkin flesh, you’re sure to be impressed by how versatile this vibrant vegetable can be. You can even scoop out the seeds inside and roast them for a healthy snack packed with antioxidants. One of the best ways to put your pumpkin carcass to good use is to drop it in your compost bin, letting it become great fuel for growing out your garden. You can also ensure it gets used well by getting it in your food bin in a compostable bag, where it can then be picked...
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