Green Cleaning

Are you looking for ways to be more eco-concious day to day? Here are our top tips for sustainable cleaning
By Willow Alexander

There are so many small changes we can make in our daily routines to be kinder to our planet. A perfect place to start is in our own homes and trying to be greener in the way we clean. Plastic products, harsh cleaners, and single use items not only impact the planet but can also be less kind to your home and those in it. Keep reading for our green tips, sustainable swaps, and gentle alternatives to incorporate into your home cleaning routine.


  1. Switch to Natural Products

Swapping out harsh cleaning chemicals for eco-friendly ones is not only better for the earth, but for your family and home too. We recommend using natural, non-toxic cleaning supplies, that are eco-friendly and multi-use. Even better if they’re refillable too, which further helps to reduce waste. We love Miniml’s Anti-Bac Surface Cleaner as an excellent all-rounder!


  1. Out with Everyday Kitchen Towels

There are so many alternatives to regular paper towels now, its really about finding your personal preference! Switch to reusable cloths that you can wash and re-use, or if you still like a traditional paper sheet, try opting for a sustainable alternative like Who Gives a Crap Forest Friendly Paper Towels.


  1. Eco-Friendly Laundry

Laundry detergents do not have to be artificially coloured or scented to do the job. There are many natural alternatives out there that are so much better for the planet, your clothes, and your skin. Look for laundry products that are naturally scented and free from artificial dyes, such as Vanilla Blanc’s Natural Laundry Liquid which contains organic essential oils eucalyptus dives and geranium for a natural, gentle, fresh smelling wash that also helps aid your overall wellbeing.


  1. Repurpose Household Items

Old toothbrushes are perfect for scrubbing small, hard to reach areas. Socks with holes make brilliant dusters. Stained, tired clothes and worn out towels or sheets are great to re-utilize as rags and cloths. Get creative and think twice before you throw something away!


  1. Switch Plastic for Natural Cleaning Materials

Typically made of synthetic materials and plastics, cleaning materials such as sponges, and brushes are usually harmful to the planet and will take many years to breakdown after being thrown away. These EcoLiving Compostable Sponges are made in the UK, out of 100% plastic-free, renewable resources. This Midz Plastic Free Pure Copper Scourer is rust resistant, long lasting, and fully recyclable at the end of life. As well as being significantly gentler on surfaces than their metal counterparts.


  1. Ditch Dryer Sheets

Try switching up your single use dryer sheets for these handmade Wool Dryer Balls. They help to reduce wrinkles, catch hair, dry your clothing faster and fluffier and in the long run are a cheaper alternative too. You can also boost the scent of your laundry by adding a few drops of your favourite essential oil to the balls before putting them in your dryer.


  1. Houseplants

Having houseplants around the house not only brightens up the space, but they also help to remove toxins from the home and purify the air, saving an appliance from having to do it for you. They can also be a great way to deter insects and pests, a green, and gentle alterative to keep them at bay. Look after your green purifiers to keep them their most efficient with Natural Growers – Natural Plant Feed, which will keep them happy and healthy by improving the soil quality. Help to regulate your plants temperatures by using Shell on Earth Recycled Welk Shells as a top dresser, or mix directly in the soil to increase drainage.

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